Film Story

Since I watched the film ‘the Battle of Britain’ in a cinema as a young boy, I knew I wanted to be a pilot. When I was 17, I learnt to fly and ever since its been an amazing journey. I have had the great honour to meet some amazing pilots, engineers and cabin crew over the decades I flew. I have also met or read about many remarkable crew who are no longer with us. Crews who have now joined ‘Angel Fleet’, many sadly long before they should have.


In 2006, I had to stop flying due to ill health. I started my film company, Fact Not Fiction Films, making over 30 films and documentaries over the years - many of these have an aviation theme. 


Now I want to make a short film as an homage to all the crews who have joined ‘Angel Fleet’. I also want to commemorate those who sadly lost their lives in combat whilst fighting for peace. 


For some years, I have been thinking of a story that could be told in a short film that would reflect my emotions, thoughts and pay respect to all those crews looking down from ‘Angel Fleet’.


The Angel Fleet film story is centred around an introvert 15 year old daughter. A young girl who struggles to come to terms with a tragic flying accident that killed her father and took him to 'Angel Fleet'. 


Filming took place in summer 2022 in West Sussex. The release date will be in 2023. 


If you can help donate towards the film post production costs I would be very grateful.


Director Tristan Loraine - September 2022

Film tagline

'Some people have an extraordinary gift. To see what others can’t see.'


Film cast:

Darcy Jacobs, Millie Lewis, Jessica Hilliard, Annabelle Farrell, Shaun Morton, Kelly MacKay, Millie Large, Rosie Finbow, Sophie Bearpark and 

Callum McKeon.


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